Are you a talented, enthusiastic teacher, healer or organizer?

  • If you are looking for a way to communicate your knowledge,

  • if you want to volunteer with others in a healing service,

  • if you want to apply your organizing talent to help others improve themselves,

  • if you just want to help,

  • if you are looking for a more meaningful occupation,


!!! We have exciting offers for you !!!

Please get in touch with Pranic Healing UK.


We train Pranic Healing teachers and Pranic Healers, we support and organize healing support groups, meditation groups and we train organizers and others to assist with all those tasks. Therefore, if you are interested, please find out more from Pranic Healing UK or the Arhatic Institute for Inner Studies or call 888 8888888 (toll free number to come soon).

Arhatic Institute for Inner Studies -- (888) 88888888

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