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Everyone has the innate ability to heal and relieve pain. I am not a born clairvoyant nor have I any special inborn healing power. If I could learn how to heal effectively, then you can also! All that is needed is a certain amount of concentration, determination and most of all the willingness to heal. In fact, it is easier to learn to heal than learning to ride a bicycle or play the piano. These are encouraging words from the Oriental Master Healer Choa Kok Sui. He is the originator of the GRANDMASTER CHOA KOK SUI PRANIC HEALING & PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY COURSES, now taught in countries all over the world. He also authored the books MIRACLES THROUGH PRANIC HEALING, ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING and PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY and many more now translated to 35 languages worldwide. PRANIC HEALING® is actually a distillation of essences of the worlds most effective healing modalities - Chinese Chi Kung, Reiki, Christian "laying on of hands", Tibetan Healing arts and more.

PRANIC HEALING® scientifically utilizes the prana or life force readily available from the sun, air and ground to heal physical and emotional imbalances. It requires no drugs, gadgets not even physical contact with the subject. No physical contact is required because the practitioner is working on the bioplasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body. The bioplasmic body, commonly known as the aura, is what clairvoyants perceive as the luminous energy field that interpenetrates the visible physical body. PRANIC HEALING's effectiveness relies on the fact that there is an intimate connection between these two bodies. As we heal the bioplasmic body it creates a new and perfect pattern for the physical counterpart to follow, resulting in a healing. PRANIC HEALING® acts as a powerful catalyst to spark the bodys inborn ability to heal itself. However, it is not meant to replace orthodox medicine but rather to complement and enhance it.

How could a person learn to heal effectively in a very short time? In PRANIC HEALING this is accomplished by giving the student a step by step cookbook approach to healing. Below are some of the fundamental principles of PRANIC HEALING.

CLEANSING: It is by removing the diseased energies from the affected energy centers/diseased organs and then energizing them with sufficient life force/prana that healing is accomplished. Energizing without first cleansing is like pouring fresh coffee into a cup that is already filled with stale coffee. This approach is slow and quite wasteful. A healing crisis is most likely to occur if the diseased energy is pushed further into the body by a willful healer. A healing crisis is a process whereby the body attempts to expel stale or diseased energies. Some of symptoms are vomiting, fever, diarrhea, fatigue and heavy sweating.

ENERGIZING: Most of us know of some healer or health practitioner who has become drained by performing a healing or counseling session. Most healers make the mistake of using the battery approach by transmitting their own life force energy to their subject. When they get drained they have to take a retreat or a recharging time to replenish their energies. In PRANIC HEALINGsm we utilize the "water pump" approach. All of us are swimming in an ocean of energies. By knowing how to properly pump the energies to our bodies and then systematically projecting them to the subject, we are able to sufficiently energize the subject without draining our own supply of life force.

DECONTAMINATION: Most healers get sick either because their life force gets drained or they are contaminated by their subjects diseased energies. Absorption of diseased energies occurs not only on the physical level but also on the etheric, astral, mental and spiritual levels. Decontamination also involves the purification of the healing space for the benefit of the healer and future clients. By diligently observing this comprehensive Healing Hygiene, a healer is assured many years of good health while providing service to his/her clients.

SYSTEMATIC APPLICATION OF ENERGY ON THE MAJOR & MINOR CHAKRAS: Chakras is a Sanskrit term for wheels. Clairvoyants perceive chakras as spinning wheels of light. They act as energy power stations to enable your energy body or aura to absorb and process energy from our surrounding. After extensive research with the help of high level clairvoyants as well as medical professionals, GrandMaster Choa has been able to synthesize a list of different ailments and the corresponding energy centers that affect them. Each ailment has a unique group of chakras that are affected. So by properly applying the correct technique to the affected chakras, you can expect to produce results consistently.

ADVANCED PRANIC HEALINGsm White prana from the environment is absorbed by the energy body and then digested into different color energies to be utilized by the different organs. By using intention and visualization skills you can project color energies to the subject to produce more effective healing results. Examples of this would be using red prana on asthma subjects to help dilate their constricted air tubes and the use of blue prana to cool off a subject with a fever. More severe ailments like AIDS and cancer respond better to more potent color frequencies like violet and electric violet. Using color prana is like going to a specialist instead of a general practitioner.

PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPYsm is used to heal emotional and psychological problems. When patients talk to their counselors, it is actually a process of externalizing the negative emotional energies stored in their astral and mental bodies. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thoughts and emotional energies lodged on to the aura and the specific energy centers of the subject. These energies are often difficult to release, requiring months or even years of traditional psychotherapy. By using advanced energetic extraction techniques on the affected chakras, childhood emotional traumas, phobias, compulsions and addictions can be alleviated in a very short time. This is all done without the recipient even having to reveal any potentially embarrassing personal information. It is not uncommon that in just the first session the subject experiences an unusual sense of peace and serenity, like a big weight has been lifted from their shoulders. When coupled with traditional therapies and techniques, PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY offers you the ability to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns.

MEDITATION ON TWIN HEARTS: In healing ourselves and our loved ones, we should also remember that we are part of a bigger life - Mother Earth. The Meditation on Twin Hearts is practiced by PRANIC HEALING® practitioners worldwide as a global healing technique. It is also a form of world service because it helps heal and harmonize the earth by blessing it with loving - kindness, peace, joy and goodwill. As GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui says, Today, more than ever, humanity has a great need for rapid and effective methods of balancing both the material and spiritual life. There is also a mass awakening of consciousness through which people are seeking more spiritual solutions to problems related to various aspects of life such as health, relationships, stress, and other social sufferings. I believe that this meditation greatly helps to meet the urgent global requirements.

"Many practitioners of Meditation on Twin Hearts around the world are discovering and experiencing the following benefits within a short period of time:

  1. Heightened level of intuition
  2. Increased healing power
  3. Sharper and clearer thinking
  4. Inner peace, love and compassion
  5. Enhanced spirituality
  6. Brighter and more balanced aura and bigger chakras
  7. Safe activation of higher clairvoyance
  8. Healthier physical bodies
  9. Success in life with less stress
  10. . A more magnetic personality

We invite you to experience these benefits for yourself."

PRANIC HEALING, ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING, & PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY enable you to heal confidently and consistently in the shortest amount of learning time possible. However, they are not meant to replace orthodox medicine rather to complement and enhance them. As GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui says, "With so much pain and suffering around us it is my goal to make paranormal healing quite normal and commonplace in the near future."

Disclaimer: The Pranic Healing® system is not meant to replace orthodox medicine but merely to complement it. Pranic Healing® practitioners DO NOT physically touch the receipient's body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or promises.


* Adapted from the Pranic Healing® page of the American Institute of Asian Studies.

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