Introduction to Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing

Antoine Delabarre,

an experienced Pranic Healer and Trainer for many years

will lead you through some fun exercises to feel and see prana,

to experience the healing or feeling of prana in your body, and

to understand the simple basics of energy healing and pranic healing in particular.

Come and join us for deeper awareness and to empower yourself:

necessary elements for true freedom.


For location and other details, please call:

Antoine Delabarre

+44-(0)7894 157 237

Dates are Sundays:

Jan 23.

Feb. 21

Mar. 27

May 8

June 26

July 24

Aug. 21

Sept. 18

Oct. 16

Nov. 13

For further information either call or send an email.

Arhatic Institute for Inner Studies -- (888) 88888888

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