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The Meditation for Peace and Illumination has been specially designed as a service to humanity, to the well-being of our planet and simultaneously for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the meditator. It gently helps to activate the heart chakra in order to create a balance for our daily life, which frequently is dominated by mental activities. The personal benefits of this meditation have been shown in scientific experiments and range from relaxation and revitalization to alleviation of symptoms of various discomforts. Many people also experience increased mental clarity, stronger motivation and emotional cleansing. With regular practice, healing and self-healing power increases and various states of illumination can be reached. For more info:

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Meditation groups meet regularly at various centers at times established by their participants. To find out about a group near you, check the list below and email or call for the next date and exact location.

In addition, there is a continuous broadcast of this meditation and special full moon meditations which you can tune into at:  or by subscribing to or








These and more meditations guided by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui are available on CD. A free abbreviated sample of the Meditation on Peace and Illumination can be downloaded here and more detailed descriptions of the meditation, its effects and scientific studies can be found at

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