Doctors Perform Miracles with Pranic Healing*

Dr. Eric Robins (Los Angeles)
Dr. Petrus Lukmanto (Indonesia)
Dr. Benny Atnil (Indonesia)

Disclaimer: The Pranic Healing® system is not meant to replace orthodox medicine but merely to complement it. Pranic Healing® practitioners DO NOT physically touch the receipient's body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or promises.



Dr. Eric Robins (Los Angeles)

"A case involved a family friend who has advanced scleroderma, an autoimmune disease affecting the connective tissues of the body. The skin of the hands gets thick and tight. The esophagus can scar and become blocked, making swallowing difficult. And the lungs can also develop scar tissue, making breathing difficult. When I first started seeing M.G. for Pranic Healing, she was experiencing marked shortness of breath with minimal exertion. After walking up the one flight of stairs to her second floor apartment, she would literally collapse on the floor for half an hour to catch her breath. Additionally, she had stiff and painful joints, making extended walking difficult. After one Pranic Healing treatment, she experienced dramatic relief in her joint pain and her fatigue. It was easier to breathe, and her energy level exploded. She remarked to me after the first treatment that her life had changed to such an extent that she now runs up the stairs to her second floor apartment and then turns on the music to dance.

Perhaps my most dramatic case was that of J.M. He wasnt my patient, nor was he referred to me, but I had seen his name up on the roster of our surgical ward for so long that I decided to introduce myself. He had had a surgery to remove his gallbladder many months before this, and unfortunately had suffered some significant complications, including an injury to his common bile duct. After this injury, he required several more major surgical explorations. And as frequently happens with complex cases, once things start going really wrong with the body, they seem to escalate. The patient developed multiple enterocutaneous fistulae (this means that intestinal fluid was leaking out through the skin of his abdominal wall); yeast sepsis (a very serious condition, fatal nearly 70% of the time, in which yeast grows in the blood); and a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in the lungs, fatal nearly 60% of the time). He also had been having daily fever spikes for the past six weeks, and months of constant nausea and vomiting. No one thought that he was going to live past Christmas. It seemed to me in simplistic terms that the patients energy level was low, his batteries were depleted, and he could no longer heal himself. Most of what was going wrong was a symptom of this. I began to apply Pranic Healingsm daily. Within two days, his fever and nausea disappeared. Within one week his pulse rate decreased from the 150 range to the 120 range. He eventually got strong enough to tolerate a final surgery to repair his fistulae, and went on to make a full recovery."

Board Certified Urologist, Los Angeles, CA

"I have been using PRANIC HEALINGsm in a standard medical practice for almost a year. It has been used to effectively treat migraine headaches, labyrinthitis, chronic bladder pain, menstrual cramps, anxiety, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, and muscuskeletal problems. It has worked well on postoperative patients to help them get return of bowel function, and a return to feeling "normal again". It has proven to be an excellent complement to my standard practice of allopathic medicine."

Board Certified Urologist, Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Petrus Lukmanto (Indonesia)

Acute Renal Failure


Haryananto Djojoseputro, Age: 55 years
Profession: Civil Engineer

I met this patient on May 25, 1994. His chief complaints were physical weakness, severe nausea and vomitus. He has been treated by a general practitioner taking medicine for four days but without effect.

Initially I thought that he had a problem in his stomach, because recent laboratory examination in Singapore revealed no evidence of any organ disturbance.

I treated his stomach using prana and Dit Da Jow (a kind of topical pain killer). His condition improved but the improvement lasted for several hours only.

The laboratory examination which was done two days later revealed that he suffered from severe acute renal failure.

Then I gave him pranic treatment three times a day with special emphasis on the kidneys. The other kind of treatment was supportive and symptomatic in nature, such as parenteral nutrition, Amines and antiemetic preparation.

His symptoms gradually improved and after five days of pranic treatment he felt quite well, though the laboratory values took seven more days to achieve normal levels.

After that episode his condition was entirely normal, and recent laboratory examination (in March 1997) revealed normal kidney function.


Dr. Benny Atnil (Indonesia)

A Case of Diabetes Mellitus


Patient: Budi S. Age:31 years

His main complaints were physical fatigue and frequent urination.

The doctor's diagnosis indicated that he was suffering from Diebetes Mellitus. The laboratory examinations show his blood glucose was 490 and urin glucose +++. Apparently, both his parents had the same illness.

At the advice of his doctor, he was treated in the hospital with insulin injection for eight days. When he went home, his blood glucose was 224. Still he had to undergo a daily check-up at the doctor's private practice where he was given continuous medical treatment in addition to a strict diet.

Later on, feeling distressed with unbearable discomfort, he sought the advice of a friend who suggested him to try pranic healing. He was referred to me. After the first treatment, his blood glucos was substantially reduced to 175. During subsequent visits, it dropped further down to 138. His medication was gradually reduced until he gave it up completely.

After intensive treatment with pranic healing 3 times a week, his blood glucos is now 108. His physical and health conditions have increasingly improved. He is now free from Diabetes Mellitus which would otherwise tied him to a life-long medication and strict diet.

It was indeed a rewarding experience for me as a pranic healer to be a channel of God's love.


* Adapted from the Pranic Healing® page of the American Institute of Asian Studies.

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